The Nick Kismet Novels


Sean Ellis

The dawn of the 20th century radically changed the way humanity viewed the planet. Technological advances made it possible to travel to even the most remote regions in a matter of days. Scientific discoveries caused many to question beliefs treasured for millennia. The rise of weapons of mass destruction changed the map of the world, breaking apart the vast empires that had dominated so much of the globe.

The world as we knew it seemed to shrink.

Yet, there remained frontiers unconquered and mysteries unsolved, and a breed of adventurers willing to face any challenge. This is the world of Nick Kismet.

The Nick Kismet novels tell the story of a man who is not afraid to be a hero. Working to protect treasures of antiquity from being used for malign purposes, he finds himself thrust into ancient mysteries of supernatural power. At the same time, he uncovers his own role in a conspiracy that threatens the future of humankind...

Who is Nick Kismet?

Nicholas Kismet was born sometime during the night of December 31, 1899, aboard a sailing vessel in the South Pacific. Although the details of his birth have been kept from him, his mother a mysterious woman who identified herself as Sera Kismet, was rescued from the sea, and later gave birth to a son. Kismet believes that Sera died during the birth, but he will later have reason to doubt the veracity of this account.

Kismet's adopted father insured that his son received the best education, not only in schools, but also in the real world. At the age of seventeen, he father urged him to serve a tour of military service. In characteristic fashion, Kismet joined the French Foreign Legion, and saw combat in the Great War, where he fought alongside a troop of Ghurkas. As a memento, he carries a Ghurka kukri knife and uses the weapon often.

After completing his military service, and at his father's urging, he began exploring the world. He spent time at the Tutankhamen dig with Howard Carter, and developed an interest in the world of antiquities. He studied at London University, then went on to complete his schooling at Harvard, studying international law.

Following his graduation, he took a job at the Smithsonian, acquiring and restoring artifacts of lost civilizations. After several years (and doubtless, several adventures) he was called upon by agents of the US Army War Department to investigate rumors that a foreign power was searching for an object of great significance in Norse mythology. Kismet took up the search, following the clues across Europe, and into the frozen tundra north of the Arctic Circle. There he discovered the object known as the Mjoldnir (Thor's Hammer,) a piece of extraterrestrial magnetic iron, capable of manifesting bursts of lightning-like electricity. Kismet used the power of the Mjoldnir to escape from a rival expedition, bent on seizing the prize and destroying the competition.

Upon returning to the United States, the relic was confiscated by the War Department and secreted away in a laboratory in New Mexico. Frustrated by this turn of events, Kismet left the Smithsonian and took a job working as the US liaison for the International Treaty for the Protection of Antiquities. It is in this role that we find him as he embarks on the Golden Voyage...

As Kismet's adventures unfold, he will catch glimpses of the mystery into which he has been born. Soon, he will come to realize that much of his life has been carefully orchestrated; his interest in antiquities is not coincidental. Kismet will learn the truth about his mother, and will come to believe that she is still alive. He will also find that he is a pawn in a chess game, ruled by a shadow conspiracy with a deadly mission, and that he is being groomed to discover the greatest treasure of the ancients; a treasure that will change the future of the world.

THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF NICK KISMET debuts the hero, and chronicles his recovery of the Golden Fleece from the floor of the Black Sea.  ENJOY CHAPTER ONE.

THE UNREVEALED HEART is the second novel in the series, and details Kismet's search for and discovery of the Fountain of Youth.  CHAPTER ONE.  Visit the official Nick Kismet corner of the web.